Sunday, February 9, 2014

Subject:Marketing Communications case study:Levis-let's go

Assignment The Launch Campaign for Levis Lets Go Jeans Levis is planning to plant a newborn line of blue jean jeans in Australia that requires very fiddling c be or maintenance. smear named Levis Lets Go, this line of denim jeans is specially treated to be scar- separated, odour-free, germ-free, moisture-free, wrinkle-free, shrink-free and fade-free. The jeans do not have any(prenominal) type of stain (homemade or industrial), and hence they confront odour-free and germ-free. They have a sanitary water-repellant to keep them moisture-free but they leave get wet in a heavy storm. They argon wrinkle-free because of the unequalled denim cloth that is used to make them. They are also treated to retain fading from the sun. If some consumers go through the need to mop the jeans, they must give them to the dry- novelers. Dry-cleaning go a elbow room not affect any of the features of these jeans. Besides the low-maintenance feature, this line of jeans is the most(prenomin al) well-off in the market because of the uncommon weave and treatment of the fabric. Introduction Levis, the most value gull of jeans in the world, are about to give an arouse new output - Levis Lets Go jeans, offering consumers nose candy% granting immunity! Freedom to go anywhere, do anything, eating away comfortable jeans that look clean and stay fresh all the time. The unique weave in Levis incredible new product ensures that Lets Go jeans remain free of stains, moisture, wrinkles, odours and germs - plus theyll neer shrink or fade! The most comfortable jeans on the market that never need to be washed, coupled with Levis powerful branding will provide the consumer with 100% freedom. Supported by an intensive launch campaign, targeting specific market segments, Levis Lets Go jeans will change the way consumers think about wearing their denims and create a pack for this revolutionary new product!... If you want to get a full es say, order it on our website:

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