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Derek VaughanAdvanced s in NetworkingNovember 18 , 2007Voice-Over Internet Protocol OutlineTable of pith .2History .3Functionality .3Technological Specifications .4Dependability .5Disadvantages .5Use in other Devices .6Innovation in the Telecomm Industry .6VoIP and the World .7VoIP for the instead a little .8Corporate VoIP .8Adaptation in Amateur Radio .9Controersies with the truth .10FCC s concern on VoIP .11Legal Concerns in Across the World .11Technologies and Protocols collective with VoIP .13Modern Day VoIP .17Conclusion br .21References .22ReferencesDallas State University (2004 . History of VoIP . Retrieved November 18 2007 from HYPERLINK hypertext enchant protocol /network .utdallas .edu bjackson / register .html http /www .utdallas .edu bjackson /history .htmlDavidson , J , Peters , J , Bhatia , M , Kalidindi , S Mukh erjee , S (2006 . Voice over IP basic principle (2nd ed . Indianapolis , IN : Cisco PressFederal Communications centering (2007 . VoIP Frequently Asked Questions . Retrieved November 18 ,2007 from http /www .fcc .gov /voipHersent , O (2005 . beyond VoIP protocols : Understanding voice technology and networking techniques for IP telephony . Hoboken , NJ WileyShepard , S (2005 . Voice over IP crash descent . Columbus , OH McGraw-Hill ProfessionalValdes , R (2007 . How VoIP works . Retrieved November 25 , 2007from HowStuffWorks Communication ( HYPERLINK http /communication .howstuffworks .com /ip-telephony .htm http /communication .howstuffworks .com /ip-telephony .htmWallingford , Ted (2005 . Switching to VoIP . Sebastopol , CA : O Reilly Media , Inc ...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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