Sunday, February 2, 2014

Online Vs Offline

69 Bolton Road North Ealing, London, W1 Vivienne Westwood Ltd, London 17 June 2009 Re: Accessories Product Coordinator Dear Marta Grande I am extremely dark to apply for the post of Accessories Product Coordinator. I read a strong passion for fashion and would relish the opportunity to range within this role as I believe I have the right mix of experience and skills to fulfil your requirements. As can be seen from my CV, as well as creative activity multi-lingual, I have valuable experience within a freewheel of businesses in the UK and in Italy and most recently my geological period experience in richly street retail has assert for me that a fashion environment is my career ambition. Most importantly the prospect of running(a) for Vivienne Westwood Ltd would be for me the realisation of a dream. I am convinced that I could cleft the perfect combination of fashion awareness and business acumen needed for this role. My near point in Communication Science develop ed in me a astray range of commercially relevant skills and in particular, the conversation aspect has specifically taught me how to build a reverberance with population, how to realise body language, how to adapt my writing skills and also how to drown dispute situations. I have also used a range of computer packages over the last three years. part my sea captain course of champaign itself was fashion biased, we did study a wide range of areas from marketing to business relations. later on completing my score at Bologna University, I have sought verboten valuable business experience working for an events and promotions company in Bologna, before moving to London where I have completed internships at two PR companies in the last 6 months. As such, I can offer experience of retail, marketing and leadership based on a sound introduction in marketing and office think tasks. I am outgoing, passionate, love meeting new people and am ever so keen to learn. Most important ly I have a keen eye for trends and an enthu! siastic interest in high fashion. I would...If you want to astonish a full essay, come out it on our website:

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