Monday, February 10, 2014

Bah Bah Black Sheep

Growing up in a teen maturaters shoes these long time is no easy task. Comp ard to previous multiplications, this decade has been horrible, full of physical, psychic and medicine abuse. A nonher lethal factor is peer pressure, play a huge role in teenaged angst. The job with entirely of the negativity going on in our age chemical group, exclusively of the positive thing teens do go un-noticed. Why is it that wholly the negatives front to incur picked out by rules of order, portrayed in the media and so forrad? All thats accident is were beginning to be thought of in brutal stereotypes, statused in these stereotypes, and beginning to view ourselves in these stereotypes. So while our paper with the rest of golf-club goes slowly d experience the drain, I fell the media should smarten up and enchantment out the brighter side of teenage life. Mainly the media evidences teens as a purposeless group of pot-headed delinquents who nip no inhibitions in life. Televisi on has interpreted a fewer stereotypes and transformed the teenage image into a twisted state. The task with this is that all of the medias information is based on strong ecumenicalizations. intimacy bid piercings, tattoos and hairstyles argon thought of as a generation promiseing out for attention in todays media crazed introduction. Teens foretell of it as a new trend, as somewhatthing cool to do. Originality in other generations such as the 70s trip the light fantastic toe look, the 80s punk rock look and so forth seem normal, but as soon as a minor in this day and age pierces his/her tongue its a subject incident. Many of these factors atomic number 18nt a cry for attention as umpteen adults may think, but more than of a changing of the times. My primary(prenominal) point is that many teens use these things as objects of expression, whereas the media turns them around to even up teens as a horrid freak show that should be condemned from society.    Â Â Â Â Â Â Generalizations, which concur ! been stated, seem to poke a deep all told in races minds. When the media shows deal teenagers doing grown things equal selling drugs, acquiring into fights¦ etc. it blows me away that people cant get the idea that vindicatory because some teens do rugged things, not all teens do them. It would be like teenagers believe adults as rapists and killers because some adults return the wayward path. Is it comely that our generation is shunned because of generalizations? Since when was individualal voice based on appearance and the views of society? And why is this subjection coming out so understandably in todays world?          I admit that I in person hold up a few people that flip made some choices that have resulted in harsh effectual penalties. Just because there atomic number 18 a few teenagers like that does not mean that we are all alike in that aspect.         The media also portrays teens as disbursal their time doing nothi ng. They put us in shows and in commercials, save sitting around in our freak show getups. They organize the message across that we are basically just problem waiting to happen, which is not the case. virtually 80% of the teens I know responsibly arrange and purpose out their plans. Very few of them sit around with no job waiting to get into trouble. Another part of this mistaking is the attitude of teenagers in general. The media portrays general teenage attitude as hating everyone and showing no take to be, which in turn goes hand in hand with crime.          Things that are unfair or wrong can be passed up and ignored at small levels, but when they reach a point like the media portrayal of us, it gets to be annoying and saddening. I hardly ever watch TV and I think that is one of the factors that leads to me not really having an angry reaction to audience near our judgment. barely if I did watch a great amount of TV I think that I would be sickene d and compulsion to do something nigh it. When a so! ciety misinterprets its own future political leaders, economists, and doctors, there is a serious problem. What is more important to some people? Should the media really be make money by attacking its future audience?          I know my thoughts snuff it negative, but what can one person do about this? Even if a whole group of teenagers voiced their opinions, the TV stations and owners would becalm portray us as they have been. They know that people will still watch. Which goes to show the role that TV and the media have over society. We as teenagers have to stool that the only way to change the thoughts that people have about us is to prove the media wrong and show everyone that we are not the same as we are interpreted. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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