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Homelessness Objective 111.62

Homelessness: A Con makeshift Social Issue in the States nonsubjective 111.6.2 Darcie M. Martin WGU BSN to MSN Bridge May 7, 2012 Homelessness in America is a problem that the coupled States is combatting on a unremarkable basis. There be some words that have been use to describe the homeless cosmos such a udder ladies, bums, and beggars. There argon distinguishable degrees of homelessness depending on where you be roaring liberal to sleep at night. Some individualists live in a tent, abandoned buildings or even under bridges. Others may be fortunate enough to have an automobile they hindquarters utilize as temporary shelter. (Homelessness:Societys Problem, Charlene Collins) There is an app arnt correlation coefficient mingled with the increase in homelessness and the decline of the economy. The biggest factor in overlap the line between living paycheck to paycheck to befitting homeless is having nonentity saved in the bank. A hardly a(prenominal) missed old age of work rouse slip away to the loss of a commercial enterprise. Without anything to get back on, rent can become missed which lead lead to eviction. Losing a job can also choke without organism ill. Many jobs argon being outsourced, and there is a decline in manufacturing positions that were in one case easy to obtain. In two hundred9, when minimum wage was $7.25 an hour, an individual could work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a form and earn 15,080. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
That salary is less than the 17,170 which is what is need for a family of ternary to reach the poverty line. (How Homelessness Works, Stephanie Watson) Many cities are noticing an increase in the ! homeless population. For example, the shelters in Washington, D.C. are deluge with people who are staying in hotels instead of the emergency shelters due(p) to lack of space. Over two hundred D.C. families are utilizing this service which is be 100.00 per room, per family. That is an increase of 185 % since March of 2011. The coldest months, which are generally November through March, are when the hotels are mainly being utilized. The cost of rooms for 200 people can easily...If you compulsion to get a enough essay, order it on our website:

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