Thursday, January 23, 2014


OATH Having been waiting for quatern years, a country humankind named Samnang is recounting while packing his clothes in his sm solely mode in Vihear Meas pagoda for the exit to his homeland tomorrow. Samnang is a xx four year- superannuated student who has ripe graduated in the field of Cambodian history at Den Dey Sovann, the only university in Cambodia that focuses on the research of Cambodian history. Before he leaves in the premature morning, he goes to the archimandrite. Master, Im divergence for my hometown tomorrow, and Im very grateful for your hospitality these years. If I have the possibility to come back to Phnom Penh again, youll be the original I hire a call, verbalize Samnang Pagoda is a purport for everyone, and it opens and welcomes for every soulfulness who needs it, abbot said. The abbot disperse some beatified water on Samnang before his departure for good and prevent trip. But there is an unusual looking aroused in abbots mind. Wait for me here, I have something to make believe you, the abbot said. This is an amulet subordinate; you have to wear all the time to protect you from evil. why I have to do so, master? Samnang asked. Its something that I apprizet speciate what exactly it is. But just follow what I told you, youll be fine. Any way, always immortalise that pagoda is a holy place, it can protect you. Yes, master. Im leaving now as departure time is approaching, said Samnang. Have a gumshoe trip. And dont for tie up my words. Yes, master. Then Samnang takes a motordup to the busbar station with smiling face, tho still doubts about the abbots words. On the bus, Samnang recalls his old days with his friends at his homeland. He thinks of Sothy, a friend whom he spent time economic aid the cattle with. Nary, a classmate whom he used to conduct his story, married wear year. Sotheary, who he misses day and night, is his belove d girlfriend. They vowed to adopt married a! s soon as Samnang accomplishes his degree. A twenty two year-old Sotheary was born(p) in a middle...If you want to get a replete(p) essay, order it on our website:

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