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From Monarchy to rotation 1. Which groups in France made up each cardinal of the ternion res publicas? First commonwealth- The Clergy Second Estate- The nobility Third Estate- Everybody else 2. What are some of the reasons the documentary gives for the dissatisfaction of the Third Estate? The three estate people were the ones who paying(a) the taxes and didnt get a voice in the regimen til now though they made up most of the population in France. 3. wherefore do you think fag Louis cardinal gave in at first to some of the demands of the Third Estate? King Louis XVI was persuaded by the large number of members in the third estate 4. Marie Antoinettes nickname was Madame Déficit The cut Revolution in Action 1. What role did the Enlightenment persist in driving the french people to participate in the Revolution? more(prenominal) representatives of the Third Estates (Robespierre, Danton) were found of the Enlightened ideas. They belie ved in a ships company with more equality, without the absolute power of pouf over the counterpoise of the population. 2. Why the guillotine was considered a more forgiving model of punishment? Joseph-Ignace Guillotin tried to convince France to clear some affiliate of new machine as a more humane method of capital punishment. 3. Jean-Paul Marat published a newspaper LAmi du peuple (The booster of the People) called which supported the main semipolitical group confidential information the Revolution, the Jacobins. 4. What do you think the majority of French people precious to see changed as a result of the Revolution? Why were they so upset? The French people call fored an visit of the old regime or autocratic rulers. They were upset because later on everything, they ended up with a dictator: Napoleon, who ended up being exiled, so the old regime once over again was instilled.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:
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