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Page 1Our world has been getting sm every(prenominal)er over the long time and we are constantly faced with the challenge of relating to and dealing with enemy population from contrastive cultures and societies . Conflicts based on cultural differences dare back been growing in recently and we might take away wherefore is it difficult for us to understand some wiz who has a different cultural orientationThe id according to Freud represents our basic unconscious pressures that demands flying rejoicing (Macionis , 1994 p57 . It is governed by the pleasure principle as much(prenominal) it is unlogical and does not take into account societal norms . When a psyche has a too strong id he /she whitethorn be inclined to self-gratification and be uncaring to others In extending the genius of the id to friendly interaction , we can say that it predisposes us to cogitate irrationally of other cultures . These irrational thoughts may in eddy influence us to act negatively towards people who do not share our culture . The object to phone other than of other cultures is called ethnocentrism . It is defined as a tendency to gauge people of other groups , societies or lifestyles according to the standards of one s avow culture , often judgmenting then as substandard (Matsumoto and Juang , 2004 p63 . Ethnocentrism has been mostly viewed negatively , but it can be argued that existence ethnocentric is not bad per se . It is a avocation pattern reaction it is our immediate response to an encounter with person who we guess is different . Through the process of acculturation , we give been programmed to be critical of anyone who deviates from the norms of our society . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Social institutions are the prescriptive structures that grant the rules and groups within the society . These structures pass on the determine and expectations and guidelines as to how its members should behave in any given background attached this condition , it is assumed that social institutions do fun a major part in our difficulty in fellow feeling cultural diversityIn conclusion , the interplay of the id as an inhering hedonistic drive in our personality and the influence of social institutions in our socialization process bring about ethnocentrism . To be able to view other cultures in a nonjudgmental way , we must be culture sensitive , for all we know , the genuinely persons we view negatively are too viewing us in the same wayReferencesMacionis , J (1994 . edict 2nd sport . Englewood , New Jersey Prentice-Hall IncMatsumoto , D Juang , L (2004 . Culture and psychological science 3rd edition Belmont , CA Wadsworth...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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