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Was the fear of the Japanese aggression in South-East Asia in World War 2 justified?

lacquer?s grip on southeastern Asia was locomote stronger throughout 1941. lacquerese troops were in Malaya and the Philippines and were getting walk-to(prenominal) and culturer to Australia. The British were unable to provide make to Australia because the European struggle was utilise up all their resources. Australia had most of its soldiers in the meat East, they had lose Britain as a protector and it make them touch very(prenominal) vulnerable. When Singapore fell to the lacquerese on February 15, 1942, Australia take in it was exclusively and defenceless. There was a great fear that japan was close to invading Australia as its empire was growing. Australian reactions at the beat were embodied in an article written by the then Prime Minister, John Curtin . It showed the realisation of the wavering support of Britain and the take away for a stronger power?s support. This lead to the bedevil of confidence from Britain to America. The imminence of a Jap anese invasion and made the importance of the domestic struggle effort ever greater and the wisdom of Japan as a real threat. Japan was a major threat to Australia during the Second World War. right-hand(a) from the beginning of the war, Australia was touch about Japan?s involvement. Japan was mounting its war campaign in Asia, especially South-East Asia. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Nations under Japan?s occupation were said to be firearm of the greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, which claimed to be liberating colonized nations. This empire expanded from Manchuria to the Dutch East Indies, including China, Indochina, Thailand, and Malaya. To strengthen the Empire?s defenc! es in Asia, Australian soldiers were sent to Malaya in February 1941. These men became part of the forward defences of Britain?s greatest naval base in the region - Singapore. As long as the Royal dark blue in Singapore guarded the sea between Australia and... If you demand to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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