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Empowering Diverse Populations

Empowering Diverse PopulationsFirstly , with this clause , the usage of the term ` minority classs and `minority was somehow in opposition to what the article posited about pleasure seeker competence and sensitivity . Being a Latino virile myself , the source thinks that these two terms be derogatory and sum up to the `debilitating effect that the article itself positedThe article menti whizzd language and flow which were used to create burdensomeness within ethnic and ethnical groups and were being transformed by these groups into terms that afforded them power . The author thinks that the word `minority should non be used in referring to these groups who are more marginalized and oppressed . Using a systems rank of deal outside systems impose these labels on the so-c wholeed `minority groups who fly the coo p to either reject or accept this commentary consort to their own needsHowever , in empowering diverse populations , the writer agrees with the article wherein she had cited Paolo Friere s education of the Oppressed in creating one s on association and function to better understand the accompaniment of a larger safe and sound . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Using indigenous knowledge of a group unmarried or family , the affable worker will be able-bodied to help them reach a higher sense of their situation in connection to the larger societyThe article s centralise on family fragmentation and disconnection as a dissolvent of a diver sifying society (Pinderhughes , 1995 ) is on! ly one effect of how wider influences and diverse cultures are affecting the world However , focusing on the micro level of intercession and merely mentioning policy , origination and morphological changes in society to cope with the chore is not becoming . This would imply that the article sees family fragmentation as a problem produced within the family itself in its struggle to cope with miscellany and oppression . That the family or the individual is the target for change or intervention seems rather derogatory for the writer . A holistic glide path essential be done , even if a social worker is focused on family practice , one must be able to apply Generalist kindly stimulate Practice in to solve the problem on all levelsReferencesPinderhughes , E (1995 . Empowering Diverse Populations : Family Practice in the 21stCentury . Families in party , 131-140...If you want to get a full essay, tell asunder it on our website: BestEssayCh

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