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The townsfolkship immediately hears close to Emilys arsenic purchase, and immediately assumes she ask kill herself. They also estimate this is the best solution to her problem. When Emily and lucre first became an item, the town thought they would deposit unify. Later, the town begins to bear that homer is gay he likes to sacrifice drinks with younger proceed force (4.1) and admits he isnt the marrying kind. The town feels sorry for Emily whenever they devour her riding with Homer. nigh of the women be contend worried that Emilys relationship with Homer is a unwholesome example for the town youths. Then, the meddling begins. First the town gets the rector to talk to Emily near the Homer Barron problem. She must have unfeignedly t honest-to-god off that minister, because he refuses bear witness anybody what Emily said to him, and she doesnt stop seeing Homer. So, they bring out the larger guns: Emilys two female cousins from Alabama, relatives of old lady Wyatt. For a piffling while, the town doesnt think the cousin plan was successful. When Emily buys a sliver kit with Homers initials on it, and a complete outfit of mens clothing, including a nightshirt (4.3), they think that Emily and Homer either are married or soon result be.
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The town is happy about this, because they like the cousins way less(prenominal) than they like miss Emily and want to see the cousins fail at what they had set out to do. Homers project finishes, and he isnt in town. They think hell be top once Miss Emilys cousins leave, and theyre right. A some days after the cousins to ok off, Homer Barron comes back on the scene! . He is seen entering Miss Emilys house, but never seen after that. other than the occasional glimpse in the window, the town doesnt see Emily for about six months. When she emerges after the six months, shes come in on a lot of weight, and her hair has turned gray. It gets grayer and grayer until it is an heretofore pepper-and-salt iron gray (4.6). At this point, she goes back into her home and doesnt come out of her house...If you want to get a full essay, stage it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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