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Healthcare Informatics

Cover Page Agenda Overview of the Family Medicine Clinic case bespeak and the EMR clay it engagements of the problem What factors contri stilled to the problem Cardinal case shew `how much each factor contributed to the problem of factorsCase Overview The Family Medicine Clinic (FMC ) is a primary c atomic number 18 eagerness in the Western joined States It is an independent physician convention utilise Five providers checker 20 - 30 mass per day Organization of the clinic is non typic all(prenominal)y hierarchical FMC took designate in a qualitative research study conducted by bring et al (2000 They were ace of five clinics to luckicipate and the completely iodine to express prejudicial views towards the EMR system Why was this ? What do this clinic different Overview (cont The PTX EMR system apply in Family Medicine Clinic is one of the best on the foodstuff today and allows easy price of admission to patient in weeation at an individual level and in aggregate form Includes all features typical to patient medical records including vital signs , medical report , medication lists etc Includes a prescription medicine writer , that tracks and monitors a patients prescriptions , and an infixed email system so that patient-specific emails spate become part of the patients permanent medical record FMC uses PTX as primary form of patient data capture and reco really - but medical records be overly still well-kept The system was purchased on advisement from a nonher doctor . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by pr   ofessional writers!
there was n! o competitionProblem The bread and butter staff at FMC has implant the PTX system to be assistive and metre-saving Clinical staff , except , do not conduct the same opinion , describing it as time-consuming and cumbersome most of the physicians find the system very difficult to use and are frustrated with the PTX company for not providing the necessary support They to a fault find that they are not using the system to its secure potential as they do not claim the time to learn to use the system more effectively They explicit dissatisfaction with the system as they had expected to be able to add-on productivity when they purchased it , but this has not been the case Cardinal Scale Governance 18 - No system champion 10 - No predilection commitment 8 Training / prevail 50 - No local system support 18 - Insufficient initial training 22 - Insufficient enforce training 10 Process / Workflow 15 - commonwealth and windows system 10 - Too much downtime 5 seller 17 - want of sup port 10 - Lack of government agency 7Governance Wager et al (2000 ) discovered that presidential termal structure plays an essential part in the success or failure of an EMR system She state that for an EMR system to become a success it should have a system champion - someone of authority in the practice that advocates the use of the system and show others how to use it She also express that there should be commitment to using the resource FMC does not have a typical hierarchical organization , and leading is of the laissez-faire style Therefore there is no system champion...If you want to get a full essay, establish it on our website:

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