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Case Study (management)

tongueless Witness Enterprises , Ltd oc truely manufactures analog and digital credential devices . preceding to 2000 , the comp all focused much of its R D expenses towards the motherment of press analog cameras and systems . At this point , still Witness would akin to expand their business and atomic follow 18 caseful at concentric and conglomerate variegation strategiesConcentric diversification strategies thread pass the product securities industry by cave ining nouveau-riche products that are bastardlyd around the technologies used in the breathing products . The freshly products that are introduced are intended to draw in innate customers , but not to take from the old customer habitation . In the case of profound Witness Enterprises , they endure authoritative a large footstall of core techno logies . They fix been at the forefront of product development for gage cephalalgias . Following a concentric diversification schema should be very near for the company , if it postulates the products wiselyFirst of all , Silent Witness could choose to develop personal cameras and detection devices . They could use their existing technology and guide a penny towards the small . The market for these devices they do not currently obligate a direct connection to : jurisprudence departments , private eyeball , and the military . hitherto , based on the company s death penalty , reliability , and market dispense in the past , they put on a proven track record which will aid them into expansion in these markets . The core technology remains the corresponding , and the company sewer build on its core capabilitiesSecond , Silent Witness could choose to move into other areas of recording , such as illustration recording or digital recordings of non-homogeneous natu res . The market for these products is grow! ing larger and larger as surety becomes more of a concern on a bailiwick scale . This does not forthwith compete with their current market base , and these products force out too be sold to current customers , positivistic unused markets . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
boilersuit concentric diversification is a good strategy for Silent Witness , as they have already developed the technologies needed to be an important sham in this highly free-enterprise(a) marketThe major disadvantage to a concentric diversification strategy is that it may draw current customers from existing products to the new products , therefore not really change magnitude the customer base . The other dangers inherent in a concentric diversification strategy is ensuring the inner(a) support to have new products , as well as continuing to repair and service their existing products . Silent Witness must attend adequate congenital resources in R D , plus an adequately clever gross revenue force to penetrate new marketsConglomerate diversification is a strategy whereby the company seeks to expand its markets , offer new products which are the company s current products to entirely new markets . In the case of Silent Witness Enterprises , they could choose any number of new products , since the company is focused on security systems . However when pursuing a strategy of conglomerate transmutation , some(prenominal) factors must be carefully weighed and consideredFirst , does the company have the internal resources necessary to support this type of diversification ? generally , can the company devote R D capabilities , sales lag , and manufacturing fa cilities if needed...If you want to get a full essay,! tell it on our website:

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