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Western Civilization Final Examination

FINAL EXAM5 . You gain been asked to write a textbook for a history of wo custody from the Neolithic era by the rehabilitation . Concentrating on the changes positive and negative , in the shape of women , parade a brief overview In your opinion , what caused the vicarious status of women passim this period of historyWomen during the early stages of the western civilization enjoyed a typesetters case of liberty and status that was far from being delightful . During those periods , women were treat as inferior to men especi tot eitheryy after(prenominal) the unreal myths about deities and goddesses seized recognition and acceptanceAmong the many reasons was that along with the ancestry or think and logic during the rise of the philosophers especially that of Aristotle heap able the belief that women were incomplete in some port . They were hard-boiled as unfinished men . Generally , through a biased perception using logic and disadvantage reasoning , men possess equated women as the providers of the substance of being homosexual the soil upon which the men or the sower will engraft their seeds of instinct , skills and other traits that provides the form of being humanSuch philosophy keep with doubting Thomas as he emphasized what was pen in the Bible- that the low woman was created single out of the ribs of the front just about man . As such , the thoughts that women were made as a subject of men keep through the development of Christianity . The humor of the old Jewish belief that God also has a feminine military position called Mother spirit was forgottenAlso , women who continued to worship Mother Nature were treated as Satanists or witches , and were then burned on steaks or worse . Women were however treated as secondary human beings when men gained designer in Churche s and in States .
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They were deliberately denied of equality in all aspects of living not until the French Revolution in 1787 cameSuch gyration demanded for human rights- not only of men but for all citizens . It was in 1787 when Condorcet , a philosopher , established a treatise that pointed out that women have the same natural rights as that of men . However , crimson after that revolution , women who have devoted their lives in fend for women s rights have been regarded as those who sting to social deviance . As such , most of them were decapitated and /or publicly miserable 7 . Philosophical examination is said to have begun with the Greeks . Is this honest ? Why , or why not ? What is the enduring legacy of Greek philosophyPrior to the discovery of ism , mythology enveloped the minds of the people of the Western civilizations . The most prominent of which is the Norse mythology which multiform Thor , Odin , along with other gods . In Greece , they also had mythological deities which were popularized by Homer and Hesiod . People act to explain that everything that happened around them is delinquent to what has transpired between their gods . Every hap or success was recognize to the will or detestation of gods like Apollo , Hera , Athene...If you want to stick by a upright essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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