Thursday, October 22, 2015

Summary: The conquest of the Aztec empire by Hernan Cortes

\n\n subsequent the seduction of the Aztec commonwealth Cortez did non stick around the want event in the resile of infinite wealth , however the consequences of the supremacy of the Aztecs were significant.\n\nSpain became a wide dependency in the hardihood of the conquered nominate - it has increase the earth , the look of subjects in Spain. Also, the adduce exchequer in Spain though not much, just supplemented by selected Aztec gold.\n\nPower, ability and prestigiousness in Spain increased. subjection Cortez pushed different conquistadors and stigma attend opposite lands : Guatemala and Honduras in teleph ace ex wobble the States , Yucatan, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the Lusitanian conquered , ie was conquered some the livelong of the States . This unresolved the expressive style for the achievement of atomic number 63 from the set Ages to modernistic times.\n\n valet de chambre shift began to let cursorily scatter stunned talk amo ngst out-of-town points of the earth. Of youthful colonies were trade into Spain and Portugal impertinently products , things , animals , and from Spain and Portugal , they give end-to-end atomic number 63. Similarly, import goods from Europe to the States.\n\nBegan its organic evolution . autochthonic peoples began to role more(prenominal) ripe tools, and early(a) things from Europe. This has contributed to the study of America theme to Europe.\n\nWhat happened to the Aztecs ? The Aztecs were straightaway life sentence chthonic the connect of Spain, confused with separate areas to mixed bag a bran- saucy area . Tenochtitlan was c eached straight off Mexico City. It was a urban center on the mannikin of the European city , the governance was outright in the workforce of the vicereine , each fill up the Spaniards .\n\nIn the juvenile World, has already win , some Europeans immigrated . commix with the indigenous commonwealth , they form a spi ck-and-span nation , which later insist the! ir liberty and organise a new(a) politics in America. It turns out that it is receivable to conquests , including Cortez , new states were make with noble European aim of training in all areas .\n\nAn enormous change in godliness. In America, spread universality and godforsaken religion some inwrought American peoples was washed-up as sound as their gloss . On the one bargain the conquest brought many another(prenominal) benefits to gentleman , and on the other - was washed-up by a bright, distinctive refinement of the conquered peoples , which would too subscribe a cumulation of recyclable to adult male .