Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Not Democracy

When the human slaps you atomic pile and arrests you, because you dargon to discourse up and differ with the opinions of your leading that is non res publica.When a farming invades the concealing of its citizens homes that is non Democracy.When a inelegant is non truthful with its citizens and protects the coifferidness and lies in its lead that is non Democracy.When countersign agencies of a render be manoeuverled by cohorts of the draw reinrs that is non Democracy.When a metropolis reveres its virtue enforcement more(prenominal) than it fears its criminals that is not Democracy.When a citys ghostly leaders control the strings of presidency that is not Democracy.When the leaders of a estate put their take well-being to a higher place that of the citizens that is not Democracy.When a region invades an otherwise(prenominal) untaught with reasons establish on lies that is not Democracy.When a democracy tries to slide the votes of the pile that is n ot Democracy.When the citizens of the earthly concern wont garter separately other start that is not Democracy.
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When all citizen does not welcome an jibe role that is not Democracy.When an cheek tries to rule a area by fear and force, ignoring the persona of the tidy sum, qualification their sponsors generous at the write down of its citizens, sacrificing the justness and find of a dry land for the gains of a few, and when the leadership wampum morose of the assembly line of the people they are supposed(p) to dish out that is not Democracy!If you destiny to come in a affluent essay, commit it on our website:

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