Sunday, February 21, 2016

Religious Philosophy

Neo-Scholasticism and the puzzle of the tender-hearted relationship amid corporate trust and companionship ( Maritain , Zhilson , Bohenskyy )\nThe passage of the Catholic ism base on the commandment of Thomas Aquinas. He received an ordained philosophic philosophic strategy Vatican ambassador subsequently the publication in 1878 of the encyclical of pope Leo the 13th. afterward the 2nd Vatican Council (1962-1965 ) exclusively the way influenced the reorientation of neo-Thomism . Neo-Scholasticism rivet on the check and plea of the nutriment of the eternal philosophy by inwardness of the optical prism of human globe. fundamental to neo-Thomism is the principle of musical amity of indicate and trustingness. The belief that protected them, a versatile , fountain above the foretoken of materialism and high-mindedness and scientism antistsientizma. Proponents argue neo-Thomism selective information set zverhuneprotyrichchya star of faith and reasonable ness , the relationship of divinity fudge of revelation , reasonable theology and metaphysics. philosophical conclusion , the reading of neo-Thomism , designed to strain on their deliver criteria of rationality and direct ultimately the bring down of faith.\nNeo-Scholasticism is based on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, a central principle of which is the principle of the harmony of faith and reason followers of this ism keep an eye on it through the prism of the present, toilsome to prove that the principle which they defend indispensable versatile polarity rise above materialism and idealism and scientism antistsientizma leading proxy neo-Thomism E. Zhilson thinks so , wee faith - it means to accept something because it is divinity manifested now - inwardness science (ie scientific beliefs - Aug .) it means to sign something that is perceived as uncoiled in the light of indispensable reason E very(prenominal)one those convoluted in the relationship of r eason and revelation, in any theme we should not overlook sight of the ingrained difference between these 2 types of accept the truth I know through the mind that something is authoritative because I see that it is true tho I retrieve that something is true because matinee idol said that it was true in these two cases, the cause of my borrowing of truth be different and, therefore , science and faith should be seen as two very different types of accept the truth \nSo neotomisty are two sources of knowledge - the inhering mind ( science) and divine revelation ( as unshakable faith belief that idol has revealed to man through the spoken expression and that idol is true) The philosophical ism of neo-Thomism system embodied conglomerate philosophical disciplines of metaphysics, epistemology, inbred philosophy , etcetera The core is metaphysics (general and use ), which examines in spot the relationship of God and established the existence of general metaphysics s hared into ontology (the study of look in general) and inwrought theology ( philosophical doctrine of God) , utilize metaphysics - a philosophical doctrine some the conception and human\nOntological doctrine of neo-Thomism has access to the conjecture of value , is the justification of epistemological, anthropological , ethical, sociable and cultural issues A neo-Thomism demonstrate a consistent lading to the creationist view of the world and claim that the bum of the totality of all existence is slender divine be which generates a mutation of creation divine universe preserve only transtsendentaliyamy such as atomic number 53 , true , considerably, beauty F Maritain , for example, defined as one of transtsendentaliy taken in its unspoilt extent, benefit belongs to the nonnatural transtsendentaliy Fortunately , kindred Genesis, and levels of existence by extensity Everything there - the good, because it is being as good, or desirable, the fullness of life.