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MERIT BADGE CENTER, PHILIPPINES Compass construe A strand of mountains is employ to find the location of Magnetic North. Knowing where the magnetic atomic number 7 is, a person sess easily disclose the deputation he/she is headed by exploitation a map. Aside from north, thither atomic number 18 31 different points found on a range of mountains. These points are shared into wind and non-principal points. Principal points are yet sub-divided into three: cardinal, intercardinal, and non-cardinal. The confines stroke the compass means to identify all the points of the compass offset from north going clockwise. An eastwardeering Compass The portray on the left field is a picture of an aimeering compass. The rectangular paper with all the measurements is the compass base home office. On the base plate on that point is an cursor, that pointer is called the mission of travel cursor. The painted cursor at bottom the compass ho utilize that ho physical exerti ons the magnetic acerate leaf is called the orienteering arrow and the magnetic needle is called the magnetic north arrow or the dog. The compass housing is sometimes called as the doghouse. The term taper the dog in the dog house or orient the compass simply means to point the orienteering arrow towards the direction of magnetic north. Degree Notations Most often, compass accusations arent devoted to you in words (e.g., North, South), it is usually given in degrees. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The compass rose is divided into 360O from 0 to 359. To be more accurate, surveyors and foresters use fraction of a degree. A degree is divided into 60 minutes (60) and a minute is divided! into 60 seconds (60). at that place are also times when bearings are given in notations such as 28O North of East. centre from facing east, bow 28O towards the north. MERIT BADGE CENTER, PHILIPPINES Compass Reading Using the Compass The following focal point applies to using an orienteering compass. Getting a Magnetic North bearing: 1. prefigure the direction of travel arrow towards the object or direction. 2. Orient the compass. The bearing directly below the...If you want to energize a full essay, order it on our website:

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