Tuesday, November 26, 2013

American Indian Lifestyle

How did the primaeval the Statesn Indian solve problems living in the evidentlys The native-born American Indians have been living in America since the play off Age, their life-timestyle mostly depend on what workforcetal imagerys they have in their territory. How did the native American Indians answer themselves? The natives wore inharmonious head dresses habili custodyt and shoes, in the summer men and boys wore a can flap. Women and girls wore short dresses. Children who were under thirteen wore nothing. The Native American Indian women do the clothing, when they are making it they normally keep the skin clean as this may post diseases to the body. If the native men did not escape buffalo or deer they would not be wearing any clothing. The clothing was mostly made from the skin of animals. The natives sometimes traded beads and other decorations from the snow-covered people, ilk 3 beads for a hat. all commonwealth has its take in style of dressing. They c an tell if another(prenominal) person was from another tribe by their clothing, headdress or decorations. How did the plain Indians feed themselves? The plain Indians hunted buffalo, elk and sometimes antelope. To capture the animal they would discover to surround the herd or they would try to get to high ground or places where they would be killed more easily. Hunting life was much easier after they had horses.
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They ordinarily hunted with a stem and arrow, but after the white settlers arrived they started to trade guns. The Indians would usually hunt all year long. Since the fall of buffalo was plentiful, th e Indians were not control to the amount th! ey killed. The Buffalo wold be roasted over a fire then it would be dried and made into gooselike. The jerky would then be eaten with fruits and berries. another(prenominal) Indian diets were corn/maize, beans and squash they were in any case known as the three sisters. These were the basic diet of a Native American Indian. What type of home did the natives live in? There were different types of Native American Indian category in northwestern America. Each tribe...If you want to get a full essay, enounce it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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