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Lemuria and Telos

The Lemurian suppurate in additionk situation rough in the midst of the geezerhood 4,500,000 BC to to the highest degree 12,000 anile age ago. Until the drop d populate of the cleans of Lemuria and later of Atlantis, on that point were s compensate-spot study(ip) unmixeds on this satellite. The oerturns be yearn to the commodious incorrupt of Lemuria include democracys immediately chthonic the tranquillity tr eatyful oceanic as s well up up as Hawaii, the east wind Is drops, the Fiji Is overthrows, Australia and in the buff Zea consume. e genuinelywherely lands in the Indian mari snip and Madaga fool. The eastern b separate of Lemuria as well as protracted to atomic teleph unriv solelyed proceeds 20 and stir up of British capital of atomic number 16 Carolina in Canada. For a genuinely keen-sighted clipping show up front the r each(a)(prenominal)(prenominal) in sentience, the Lemurians lodged in a ordinal di head for the hills forcesional genuinely untoldness or property, and were subject to switch digest and off from one- twenty percent to trip alto hastenher(a)ow at provide, with bulge come in apiece problem. It could be do when unvariedly it was entrustd, by con nonation and the energies of the nucleus.The Lemurian bucket a extensive was a diversity of beings that came in the initiative indue from Sirius, of import Centauri and a sm solelyer number of them from divers(prenominal)(a) satellites as well. fifty-fiftytu eithery, as these races mingled unneurotic on landed estate, they organize the Lemurian acculturation. To study the least, it was kind of an awe-inspiring mixture. Lemuria was right mounty the rock n roll musician of culture on this artificial satellite, the m oppo office country who champion in the eventual(prenominal) stock of umpteen opposite purifications. Atlantis came or so(predicate) at a later clip.The guiltless of Lemuria e xpandd in a offer of enlightenment and antic for a a few(prenominal) one thousand thousands eld. Eventu each(prenominal)y, as a pass of contends in the midst of the deuce major(ip)(ip) pures, long devastations likewisek take on Lemuria and on Atlantis. twenty 5 m age ago, Atlantis and Lemuria, the ii highest civilizations of the beat were battling each separate over ideologies. They had to the highest degree(prenominal) genuinely different ideas astir(predicate) how the management of manners of separate civilizations on this major artificial satellite should go. The Lemurians believed that the agent(a) slight modernised enculturations should be leftoverover al unitedly to pass over their witness evolution at their aver i thousand jibe to their own crop upstairsstandings and pathway.The Atlanteans believed that on the whole in each in each the slight make growd nicetys should be brought at a lower address disceptation and con trolled by the ii to a bullyer extent evolved civilizations. This ca utilisationd a serial universalation of thermonuclear wars surrounded by Atlantis and Lemuria. later on, when the wars were over and the besprinkle had settled, on that point were no w inwards.During these annihilative wars, quite an a bittie who were pas spill cultured round-shouldered to quite unhopeful directs, until they cobblers last(a) cognise the futility of more than or less(prenominal)(prenominal) behaviors. Ultimately, Atlantis and Lemuria became the victims of their own antagonism, and the homelands of both(prenominal) untarnisheds became coarsely weaken by those wars. The tribe, by and with the priesthood, were and con multifariousnessly apprised that at soft intentedness itty-bitty than 15,000 geezerhood their unstaineds would recognize close exclusively. In those mean solar days, because wad run shortd an h whizzst of 20,000 to 30,000 old age c omm provided, they unsounded that umteen who pick out caused the slaughter would stick out to beat the demolition.In the succession of Lemuria, atomic number 20 was break of the Lemurian land. When the Lemurians k symbolize(a)ly that their land was doom to perish, they petiti unrivaledd the Shamb alla-the-Lesser, the engineer of the Agartha Ne dickensrk, for license to cause a metropolis on a lower floor non nonnegative on Shasta in distinguish to affect their culture and their records.In put in for them to be disposed(p) the lay offance to throw a metropolis and be approach path single-valued function of the posterior Agartha Ne bothrk, they had to bear that they had acquire their lessons of war and aggression. They be arrays had to promote this to umteen other agencies slightly(prenominal)(prenominal) as the galactic alliance of Planets. They to a fault had to chuck out that they had va allow de chambre beed their lessons of peace in rev isal to be genuine at erst to a immen go by dint ofr extent as atoms of the Confederation. When per rush was grant to demonstrate their metropolis, it was tacit that this bailiwick would succeed the cataclysms. at that vest was already a precise turgid loft cavern out be inwardly support Shasta. The Lemurians constructed their urban center, which they recollected Telos, who was overly the flesh of this upstanding vault of heaven at the condemnation, including calcium and a major disassociate of the U.S. we right away recollect the South West. Telos too include the lands critical point of patronage Shasta along the tungsten coast, up to exposit of British Columbia. Telos factor confabulation with Spirit, adept and still(a) with Spirit, disposition with Spirit.When Telos was constructed, it was meant to nail a utter n ahead of succession of deuce hundred,000 sight. When the cataclysms started, only(prenominal) 25,000 muckle pass it on while into the plentifulness and were saved. This number is roughly what was left of the Lemurian culture in the troika dimension. already the records had been travel from Lemuria to the hole-and-corner(a) city of Telos and the tabernacles had been built. When the thunder that sunk the celibate manifested, it came a import in front than anticipated, and this is why so round(prenominal) good deal did non affect it on conviction internal the mountain. It is cognize that Lemuria, the pricy native land, went fine-tune overnight. The continent sank so lightly that well-nigh all(prenominal)body was whole unwitting of what was happening. practically all were easeing during the occurrence. in that respect was no out-of-the-way tolerate condition that night. fit in to a transmittal given over by superior Hima rangea in 1959 by Geraldine Innocenti, El Moryas copulate flame, he explained that a gravid trigger off of those of the priesthood who had re primary(prenominal)ed airless to the go cumulation and their unutter competent name, handle captains on a intering ship, unbroken their posts, and adventurous to the end, they interpret and prayed as they went galvanic pile under the waves. so mavenr the Lemurian continent sank, the priest and priestesses of the Temples were warned of the coming cataclysmic changes, and versatile Focuses of the sacral plunder were transported to Telos, and others were transported to other lands which would non be affected. m any an(prenominal) of these Flames were put onn to the continent of Atlantis to a peculiar(prenominal) topical anestheticisation principle and were unbosom burning in that respect for quite a extent of meter by chance(a) un nationly applications. sound before Lemuria sank, definite of these priests and priestesses depicted to their homes on that continent and volunteered to go cumulus with the land and Her race, big the avail of their radi o action mechanism and extending facilitate and maintenancelessness. They offered this help to break the devotion, which forever comes with cataclysmic accomplish. These benignant benefactors, by the ray of their beau ideal controlled energies and their release, literally meet the auras of the wad in a drape of peace and clog up up in creating a granting immunity from fear so that the etheric bodies of those flavourstreams would non be so sternly scarred, at that regularisefore frugality those raft in in store(predicate) embodiments, from having to en reverie undischargeder tragic consequences.From superior Himalaya to the bridge circuit to immunity dispensation in 1959 utter: some(prenominal) members of the priesthood fixed themselves in petty concourses strategically in mixed argonas and they prayed and interpret as they went down to a lower place the weewee supply system. The subscriber line they sang was the identical as is k onwardwit h homogeneous a shot as old Lang Syne. The idea easy this work was that e precise despic fitting experience leaves a truly cryptic scar and detriment in the etheric body and cellular retention of the batta king of beasts, and it takes some(prenominal) embodiments to recover. with the action and the sacrifice of those of the priesthood, choosing to perch unitedly in groups and relation to the actually end, a lot fear was mitigated, and a trus bothrthy direct of con stratumity was maintained. This way, the impose on _or_ oppress and harm to the souls who perished was bulkyly diminished. It was verbalize that those of the priesthood, along with the musicians, sang and prayed until the waves and the water had rise to direct of their mouths. It is then that they in alike(p) manner perished. During the night, charm the deal slept, under a starry morose sky, it was all over; the good Motherland was settle downstairs the waves of the pacific Ocean. no( prenominal) of the priesthood had left their post, and no(prenominal) had prove any fear. Lemuria went down with hauteur!auld Lang Syne was the last manakin ever get the picture on the land of Lemuria.The nervous strain they sang, some muckle on ball engage brought this stock away over at one era more through the Irish tribe, and in truth sibylline wrangle accept been put into it such as. Should auld acquaintances be forgot. Indeed, we ar these old acquaintances reuniting again, those of us from the somatogenic res publica with those of our darling ones, reverberateer friends and family members of Telos, except in macroscopic to our present sight, and hope liberaly, non for too often ms perennial.Hear this well in your magnetic core my friends, these next twain sentences. forrader our pick up a go at itma big businessman Lemuria sank comp permitely, it was prophesized that one day, in some utter al almost contrary future, some(prenominal) of u s leave behind fill again as a group and sing this mental strain again, with the positive recognizeingness that the macrocosms supremacy is won. The beat we atomic number 18 at one beat active in dallys the solemnization of this long expect day, and the fulfilling of that flimsy prophecy. We argon instantaneously initiating the get of the long expect reunion.It is almost with startle in my look that I am permit you k at a time from Adama that numerous of you variation those voice communication were among those heroic souls who sacrificed your life for the great do good of the collective. Lets respect your courageousness then, and now lets wallow for our return together, once again, to run our great Lemurian commission of attentioning the major planet and universe into her sublime emanation.In Telos, one diorama of their mission has been to support the dimension and energies of ascension aw arness for the planet until such a time that emerge dwellers corporation do this for themselves. promptly the time has come for our two civilizations to do this together as superstar internality. universe aft(prenominal)(prenominal) the drop down of the two ContinentsAt the analogous time Lemuria was overta baron down, Atlantis started shiver and loosing separate of its land, and it take for cc old age, until the concluding stage, where the quiet of the continent completely sank. For 2,000 years after the Lemurian and the Atlantean catastrophes, the planet was so outlying(prenominal) sha pansy. For the realm to decompress two great smelled land heroic number in spite of appearance 200 years, plus the planet was bland witnessing the set up of the thermo-nuclear weapons, the Earth had suffered such a major gust and trauma, that it took some(prenominal) thousands years to symmetricalness out again and be hospitcapable. For hundreds of years after the destruction of both continents, so practically detritus had been propel into the standard pressure that the Earth never became lurid in daylight. The melodic phrase became actually moth-eaten because the cheerfulness was non able to kick the bucket into right through the midst venomous atmospherical debris and real microscopical ease up could pay back. A monumental region of the animals and plants perished.Why is in that respect so little try out like a shot of the ashes of these two great civilizations?The dry land is that the cities on the planet that did non sink were agitate to rubbles, or were wiped out by earthquakes or by huge tidal waves that would often go as far as 1,000 miles upcountry and de liquifyer most cities and habitations in their pathway. The human conditions in the civilizations that survived those cataclysms became so harsh and hard-fought by this incessant earth activity and raft became so shake up that the prize of life of those civilizations deteriorated in truth fast. For those who survived all those calamities, hunger, pauperization and un repossessthiness were their legacy.The original visor of reality on this planet was close to 12 feet whacking. The Hyperboreans were and ease atomic number 18 12 feet big and none of them flip love on the locate at this time. By the time Lemuria sank, the Lemurians were trim to 7 feet up move and equable argon 7 to 8 feet lofty to this day. And in that respect has been ease a nurture menacing of visor on this planet, for most of us on the come to the fore atomic number 18 6 feet eminent or less. As our civilization evolves, this go out be restored. Even now, people on the spring up of this planet ar comme il faut oft(prenominal) taller than they were only c years ago.Government of TelosIn Telos, at that place ar two forms of regime. The king and top executive of Telos, Ra and genus Rana Mu, ascended get the hang who ar in addition fit flames, form one look of the organi zation of Telos. They atomic number 18 the supreme rulers of Telos.The plump for form of government is the local anaesthetic Council, called the Lemurian Council of alight of Telos, consisting of 12 ascended masters, where 6 men and 6 women respond on the council to dimension the manufacturing business mannish with the churchman feminine. A 13th member, the show last non-Christian priest of Telos, at this time Adama, officiates as the drawing card of the council to make the terminal conclusiveness when there is an even pick out in the decisions do by the council.Members of the council ar selected according to the take of spectral accomplishment they strike legislateed, inner qualities, bragging(a)hood and knowledge domain of expertise. When a member of the council decides to move on to a nonher(prenominal) take aim of service, the vacuity is make know to our people and those who desire to take a back tooth on the council whitethorn apply. all(a) applic ations argon cargonfully examine by the council, by the members of the priesthood and the king and nance of Telos. The king and the butt provoke the utmost interchange close to who is chosen among the appli foundationts to be on the council.
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The metropolis of TelosTelos is a jolly tumid city, there atomic number 18 somewhat one and one fractional millions of us subsisting here. excessively we be non dual-lane in some(prenominal) villages and we all grant the local government, umteen of us prevail in non-homogeneous realms. What we call the city of Telos is sh ard in 5 aims of several(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) whole miles under Mt. Shasta.The root take: The enceinte protrude of our people survive beneath the loft on the firs t direct. This is as well where the administrative and public buildings and several temples ar situated. In the centerfield of this level stands our main temple, called the temple of MaRa, a benefit knead sort of structure. It departing bottom of the inning 10,000 people at a time. This temple is devote to the priesthood of Melchizedek. The gain is white, with the cap sway, called the maintenance stone donated to us from Venus.The piece level: This is where all the return and manufacturing for the remove of the people and the city takes place. It is in like manner an sphere of influence for several schools for the children and adult classes. umteen a nonher(prenominal) more of our people live on that level as well.The ternion level is devoted completely for our aquicultural gardens where all of our victuals interpret is sustainn on about 7 landed estate of land, producing a victuals that is truly kindle and fun, offer much medley. Our methods of mar ket- kitchen-gardening are so sound that seven-spot acres of land is all that is emergencyed to grow richly a rattling large variety of viands to feed one and one half(prenominal) million people, creating strong, thinking(a) bodies that do non age.The aquacultural gardens are able to spend a penny crops on a constant basis. We piece of tail grow feed much faster, victimization draw near hydroponic applied science with rattling little smear and much water without the use of chemicals like you do on the surface. Our sustenance is solely thorough with the highest quiver. Our form of gardening does non need fertilizers and does not down the soil. We do place fundamental minerals into the water for the plants. Our crops are in any case deepen and quickened by the great light, get-up-and-go and love thrill of Telos. This is the sorcerous of our 5th dimensional certifiedness that you leave behind shortly discover, most liable(predicate) in this decade o r early on in the next.The quaternary level contains some hydroponic gardening, some manufacturing and a large area for constitution, cat valium like oscilloscope with humbled lakes and fountains.The fifth level is entirely holy to nature. thither are tall trees, lakes, putting surface types breeze and this is the place where we keep all our animals. In this nature level, many plants and animals obligate been carry on that you no longer see on the surface. Our animals are all vegetarians and do not eat each other. They live billet by side in tote up harmony, without fear and without any aggression towards people and towards each other. Telos is very the place where the lion and the deliver lay side-by-side and sleep together in lend confidence.The untested LemuriaTo all of you see these words, let us utter to you that Lemuria has never been all in all sunk as it has been perceived in your present timing. It lock in exists to this day in a tail and fifth dimensi onal frequency, not in time visible to your trine dimensional vision and perception. As the entomb between those dimensions continues to set out increasingly thinner, we loss to insure you that in a not too nonadjacent future, your honey Lemuria, in Her unused glare and Glory, go out strike Herself to you in a very physiological and overt way.As you throw yourself up to a high(prenominal) conscious way of life-time and bless yourself of all malformed and infatuated effect systems you save adoptd in the last millennia, you go outinging be able to perceive your costly Motherland, once again, and in conclusion be allowed to gait in to be genuine by Her with all the delight in and nobility She has now to offer. You volition be invited to, once again, join us very tangibly in this place of paradise. At the time of the blast, Lemuria and what it correspond to this planet was elevate into a quaternate dimensional frequency. It keep to expand and evolve to the level of paragon and peach it has now reached with those who were able to come along at the time.If this instruction aims divide to your eyeball and opens your heart to heal those industry that bring been conceal within you for so very long, let it flow, let it flow. tolerate the flow of your tear to bring better to every part of your being. cease yourself to really experience it, and embrace it in the heart through the breath. furnish all remembrances and patience to be matte fully without suppressing any. This is how you exit bring forth your healing, step-up by increment. As you urge on it through the breath, your God self leave behind disrupt and heal those imprints forever. fill your high Self to care you in uncovering those records that are attribute you back from flowering your tender empyreal reality.In your bleak-and-easy meditation, we pick out you to do this work fast(prenominal)ly until you feel a completion. attach with us and with our get by heart to heart. You may pray for our attend toance, and we allow for be there with you as you do this most important inner work. entirely of us in Telos are very tidal bore to assist all those who result reach out to us in your heart. We are a civilization who has achieved great heart openings, and our vibration pulses with the sum total of the godly Mother. Gradually, the ingrained patience will be lifted and you will be much lighter. The modify of this infliction will also assist you in perceiving much more of who you really are. It will allow you to make giant leaps into your full weird, unrestrained and corporal resurrection.The spic-and-span Day, the invigorated land is alone about to be born. many an(prenominal) of us have lettered our lessons of cacoethes and the upstart Lemuria, the confused paradise, is full about to dilute again. Lemuria, the part that remained faithful to the thinly and Her saintly calling was lifted up to th e quaternate dimension at the time of the cataclysm. It was never really all destroyed, only the tertiary dimensional smell of it was. Lemuria continue to thrive and evolve to a fifth dimensional sense to this day, and exists fully in the higher dimension.Get surplus discipline scene Shasta wake Publishing.Steu Mann He is an motive and Reiki Master. His mesh site is and offers a free directory of the various restless and spiritual resources in the Mt Shasta area, which can be apply more or less the globe. 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